Alcohol support online

Making some small simple steps around your alcohol use and taking some time to think around your drinking can help so use this link to find out more.

There are lots of web-based tools to help raise awareness of alcohol and self-help support to stop or cut-down. We have detailed some of them below:

Resources available online

  • Be Drink Aware!

    Visit Drink Aware Website

    This is a really informative website with lots of different tools on there. From an online alcohol and unit calculator (to help us watch our waists) to a downloadable app which helps you keep track of your drinking to a tool that helps you compare your use with the rest of the UK.

  • The One You Campaign - Day Off App

    Download the 'days Off' App

    Choose your Drink Free Days and get reminders, support and practical advice to change your drinking habits for good.

  • Alcohol Change UK

    Visit their website to learn more

    This website has some useful advice, information and tips for you if you are worried that you're drinking too much.