• Overall wellbeing isn’t just about happiness – it’s about the mind and body! Simply, it’s about feeling good and functioning well.

What is wellbeing?

Your wellbeing is important to us and we know that physical and mental health are closely related which is why in order for you to progress in recovery we need to treat the whole person. Right from the very start of engaging with Inclusion Isle of Wight (or our young persons service #InclusionInspire) we identify what your individual needs are together, using holistic approaches and assessment tools such as Outcomes Star in order to have a specific recovery plan just for you!


Live in a way that's good for you and good for those around you

We believe that prescribing substitute medication and detoxification isn’t enough on it’s own so we make sure we have a range of other options available to compliment this. We have an excellent approach to clinical treatment and detoxification, accompanied by high-quality psychosocial options which bring about great results for the people who use our services.

It’s important to make sure you are aware of the signs of physical health problems that may be associated with certain mental health diagnoses, and that you take active steps, where possible, to look after your health; and there is a lot that you can do.

Knowing what to look out for, and how you can help to improve your own wellbeing are useful steps in improving it. Simple things such as managing stress, making sure our lifestyles are healthy through our diet and activity levels are a good starting point. So is reducing unhealthy behaviours such as smoking, drinking or using drugs and each of them are things you can do to take positive control over your physical health.

Feelings of contentment, enjoyment, confidence and engagement with the world are all a part of mental wellbeing. Self-esteem and self-confidence are too. So is a feeling that you can do the things you want to do. And so are good relationships, which bring joy to you and those around you.

Good mental wellbeing does not mean that you never experience feelings or situations that you find difficult. But it does mean that you feel you have the resilience to cope when times are tougher than usual, which can help when in recovery.