• If you are concerned about any misuse of substances, whatever that means for you, we are here to support you on your journey and to help you to get where you want to be

    - Gary, Service Manager

Get help now!

If you are using alcohol or drugs and need support – don’t delay get in touch with us. Inclusion Isle of Wight provides high quality support which is free and confidential to anyone living on the Isle of Wight. People aged 25 and over have access to our main service Inclusion Isle of Wight. If you want information on what’s available for under 25’s please click here.

Our approach

Inclusion holds true to its name by the way we work with individuals who want help and support for their drug use. We understand the difficulty and effort it takes to reach out and ask for help, and that is why we will always do our utmost to support you to transition to a better place and keep you safe.

We are an NHS organisation, and have strong and robust structures in place to ensure our services are safe, effective and responding to your needs. The way we work has been developed with service users over many years and we are proud to be involved with people at what is often one of the most difficult times in their lives and to be able to support them to make positive changes.

Did we mention we work with you and involve you in your own plans of care? This means we listen to you. This may sound obvious, but we often receive feedback about our service users feeling heard and involved for the first time so we thought we’d mention it. It’s your life and we want to support you to live it in a way that makes you happy and safer with your decisions in mind.

We are based at Carisbrooke Road, in Newport and have options of using alternative locations if you have difficulty accessing us here. During the pandemic, we have also increased our online offer, so we also have options to support you over the telephone and confidential online platforms.

We have a hub of activity which has unfortunately been impacted upon by the coronavirus pandemic but we continue to work hard, and safely to ensure we meet your needs. We also have a comprehensive online offer available which includes both one-to-one sessions and group work sessions. We know that the thought of using technology can we a little worrying for some, but please do not worry as we will talk you through each of the steps until you’re comfortable.

  • Whatever your need is – whether you are using a little or a lot – we will work with you to achieve your goals.

Our Team

We have an experienced and friendly team waiting to help you here at Visions. Our team is made up of specialist staff including recovery workers, nurses, doctors, peer mentors and volunteers.

  • We don’t pretend your journey will be easy – but we will be there to support you in difficult times and celebrate your successes no matter how small. We listen to what is important to you, work with you and provide the support you need to enable you to make real and long-lasting changes.
    - Gary, Service Manager

An example of what you can expect;

  • An individual, personalised assessment at a level appropriate to your need.
  • Advice and information specific to you.
  • Specialist structured one-to-one support.
  • Bespoke behaviour change workbooks
  • Comprehensive structured group programme
  • Links and sign posting to mutual aid
  • Digital/online programmes SilverCloud and Breaking Free Online.
  • Specialist group support.
  • Medical support, including detoxification and replacement therapies is appropriate to your needs.
  • Support with access to inpatient and residential services.
  • Support to achieve abstinence.
  • Support to reduce harm, this includes a range of options for e.g. naloxone and blood borne virus testing.
  • Relapse prevention and management.
  • Peer Support.
  • Opportunities to get involved with shaping the service as peer mentor and volunteer.

Keeping you supported and safe