Family & Carers

We understand that when individuals use alcohol or drugs it has a ripple effect and can impact on the whole family and wider community. We take our work with families and carers very seriously.

Often people can feel embarrassed or ashamed of their loved one’s use of drugs or alcohol. This can often leave individuals feeling that they are unable to talk to other family members or friends without feeling judged or embarrassed.

Our family and carer service has a small team with a range of knowledge and experiences. This enables us to support you in difficult times where it can be common to feel anxiety, isolation, shame, depression and lots of other emotions. We have lots of support options available, so get in touch with us to find out more.

The individual who is using alcohol or drugs does not have to working with us, for you to get support from us. We work with anyone who is affected by someone else’s use of alcohol or drugs. You are not alone, get in touch with our specialist team.